Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Update Nov. '17

Wow, it's hard to believe November is already here!  The holiday shopping season is cranking up into full gear and soon it will be Christmas and New Year's - yikes.  I wanted to break the recent silence on here and provide an update on my latest work.  I'm currently working on Scions of Nexus, the follow-up series to Nexus of the Planes.  It takes place 20ish years after the first series and some new faces will take up the fight against the bad guys.  I've got a draft of book one out to beta readers now and book two is coming along fairly well.  Based on feedback I'll adjust fire as necessary and if all goes well, hope to have the first book coming your way in early spring.  I also have a few short stories/novellas in various stages of completion, with more begging to be written, all of which will likely show up at some point in the future as another volume or two of Nexus Tales.

I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who's enjoyed the journey thus far and say thank you for your support and reviews and word of mouth.  You guys rock!  Hope everyone has a great rest of 2017!