Monday, February 12, 2024

When the Aurora Turns the Color of Blood... heralds a time of strife, of ill fortune and death.

Houston police officer Will Clairmont thought he’d escaped his remote Alaska hometown of Tamarack for good. Then he receives the tragic news that his ex-girlfriend, Mia, died suddenly one night while out with friends. When he returns to Tamarack to attend the funeral, he is surprised to learn that the official explanation for Mia’s death leaves more questions than answers. As Will looks into the matter, he discovers that she left a troubling message shortly before she died, one that casts her death in a suspicious light.

As Will tries to unravel the mystery, disturbing events begin taking place around Tamarack that serve to further isolate the town. Are these events somehow connected to Mia’s death? And when he finds that her body is missing, Will begins to question if she really even died in the first place. He soon discovers that an unnatural force has laid siege to Tamarack, and he must team up with a federal agent who is searching for an AWOL military officer, and fight to save the town before it is too late.


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