Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Experience The Way of Pain

I'm pleased to announce that Scions of Nexus book 2: The Way of Pain is now available here on the Amazon Kindle Store (read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited).

War rages across Ketania as the demon Nesnys wreaks bloodshed and destruction at the behest of her master, the evil god Shaol. But the war is only a cover for a more insidious plan—one that would result in the total destruction of the plane of Easilon and bring the entire multiverse under Shaol’s dominion.

Taren struggles to control his magic and avoid capture by enemy agents as he fights to reach Nexus of the Planes. There, he will seek out his mother, the mysterious Lady of Twilight, hoping to gain her insight into the daunting destiny that awaits him, as well as her tutelage for his talents. Elyas fights in the war but is captured on the battlefield, where he attracts Nesnys’s sinister attention and is sent to the brutal Pits of Leciras and forced into the life of a gladiator. When tragedy strikes, Princess Sianna Atreus abruptly finds herself the last of her line and rightful queen of war-torn Ketania. Taren’s staunch companions face their own tribulations along the way as Ferret undergoes a life-changing transformation and the monster hunter Dakarai Creel must embrace his true destiny.

The heroes’ struggles continue against seemingly insurmountable odds as they desperately seek to find a way to save the kingdom and prevail over the forces of evil.