Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Beat the COVID blues - social distance yourself by embarking on all new adventures!


I am happy to announce that Nexus Tales: Rogues & Vagabonds is now available!  Find it here on Amazon.  Kindle Unlimited members read for FREE!



Set forth on all-new adventures featuring characters from the Scions of Nexus and Nexus of the Planes trilogies in this exciting collection of fantasy short fiction.

Ferret has vowed to become a bard and faithfully tell tales of the true heroes of the War of Ketania. She has also sworn off adventuring for good. But when the mentor Ferret seeks to apprentice with abruptly disappears, she discovers adventure isn’t done with her after all.

After Dakarai Creel thwarts an assassination attempt on a noblewoman who has fallen on hard times, he finds himself drawn into a deadly contest with an immortal tyrant that will end with only one of them walking away.

When a boy disappears from a local farm, it’s up to the locals to muster a search party. Taren and Elyas join Wyat and Arron on the hunt to track down a monster with a taste for human flesh.

A mysterious name on a dying man’s lips sets in motion events that send a young acolyte to the temple of Ellorya in search of help. A contingent of Sol’s faithful must answer the call and battle an ancient evil lurking in the darkest reaches of a dying world.

Aninyel, a newly minted King’s Blade, is called upon to investigate the killing of a family living deep in the remote forest. She must battle both the weight of expectations and an annoying stirring in her heart as she sets off with a conniving rogue to confront an ancient and deadly foe.

Following the conclusion of the War, Taren sets off with a heavy heart to lay to rest the remains of the dearly departed, hoping to find some inner peace along the way.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Update Mar. '20

Hey there, hope everyone is having a good 2020 so far!  I realized I haven't posted an update for a while, so thought now would be a good time to do so.

For those Extensis Vitae fans out there, I've got something in the works you might like: a new sci-fi novel, along with an accompanying novella!  The book will be what I like to call a Xenopunk adventure - think cyberpunk with alien hybrids running around who have more or less integrated into future society.  I'm hoping to get the pair published in Q4 of this year.  The novella, being a prequel, could come out a bit sooner, though I'll have to see how everything turns out.

But first, Nexus Tales: Rogues & Vagabonds will be arriving very soon, as in hopefully by the end of this very month!  The second volume in Nexus Tales features familiar faces from the Nexus of the Planes and Scions of Nexus trilogies.

This is probably overdue as well, but I thought I would post the recommended reading order for all things Nexus, since both volumes of Tales do contain spoilers.

The Twilight City

Doors of the Dark

Nexus Tales (optional - can also be read after Scions trilogy)

Scions of Nexus
The Way of Pain
Trial of the Thaumaturge

Nexus Tales: Rogues & Vagabonds

That's about all for now - stay tuned for updates.

Monday, September 9, 2019

And Now for Something (Almost) Completely Different

I'm pleased to announce that my newest book is now available! Remember Tomorrow is a sci-fi time travel/coming of age drama with a dash of MTS (Mystery, thriller, suspense).  You can find it at the following retailers: Amazon, Apple iBooks, B&N, Google Play, and Kobo.

Here's the blurb: 

Jason Hurd, a man on the verge of giving up on life altogether, suddenly receives a reprieve when a dead man appears out of thin air. In the dead man’s possession Jason finds an extraordinary device, one that grants its user the ability to travel through time. With this tremendous power in his hands, he discovers a newfound determination to try to rectify the past failures in his life and avert tragedies in the lives of those he loves.

But meddling with the past always has future consequences, some of which are the least expected. Jason’s journey will ultimately lead him to cross paths with an elusive killer who has been plaguing his small town for decades. Can Jason right the wrongs of the past and uncover a serial killer, or will he himself become the next victim?

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Trial of the Thaumaturge, the epic conclusion of Scions of Nexus, is now available!!  Get it on Amazon and read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Synopsis (Spoilers possible):


Time is slipping away for the Kingdom of Ketania, now under siege and teetering on the brink of destruction, following a crushing military defeat at the hands of Nesnys’s invading army. Queen Sianna Atreus has been captured, and the heroic rescue effort mounted by Dakarai Creel has failed.

Taren and his companions, Mira and Ferret, return from Nexus to discover the Balance has shifted dramatically and the fate of the kingdom lies in their hands. Taren’s magical talents have flourished under the Lady of Twilight’s tutelage, and he’s grown in both power and control, yet he faces an impossible test against overwhelming odds.

The heroes and their allies must rally the kingdom before the sinister plans of Shaol, Lord of the Abyss, come to fruition. To stop Shaol’s minions, they must journey to long-forgotten planes, racing against time while battling Nesnys’s forces every step of the way.

Bound together by friendship, loyalty, and duty, the companions soon discover that the price of victory may prove to be the ultimate one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Experience The Way of Pain

I'm pleased to announce that Scions of Nexus book 2: The Way of Pain is now available here on the Amazon Kindle Store (read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited).

War rages across Ketania as the demon Nesnys wreaks bloodshed and destruction at the behest of her master, the evil god Shaol. But the war is only a cover for a more insidious plan—one that would result in the total destruction of the plane of Easilon and bring the entire multiverse under Shaol’s dominion.

Taren struggles to control his magic and avoid capture by enemy agents as he fights to reach Nexus of the Planes. There, he will seek out his mother, the mysterious Lady of Twilight, hoping to gain her insight into the daunting destiny that awaits him, as well as her tutelage for his talents. Elyas fights in the war but is captured on the battlefield, where he attracts Nesnys’s sinister attention and is sent to the brutal Pits of Leciras and forced into the life of a gladiator. When tragedy strikes, Princess Sianna Atreus abruptly finds herself the last of her line and rightful queen of war-torn Ketania. Taren’s staunch companions face their own tribulations along the way as Ferret undergoes a life-changing transformation and the monster hunter Dakarai Creel must embrace his true destiny.

The heroes’ struggles continue against seemingly insurmountable odds as they desperately seek to find a way to save the kingdom and prevail over the forces of evil.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

An all new adventure in the Nexus multiverse!

I am pleased to announce Scions of Nexus is NOW AVAILABLE in the Amazon Kindle store and free to read with Kindle Unlimited! Find it HERE.

Many thanks to my artist Leo Borazio for the amazing cover art!


Twenty years have passed since the Battle of Nexus. Although the forces of good prevailed, evil never rests, and bitter hatred spurs an overwhelming desire to destroy the Lady of Twilight and wrest Nexus from her control at all costs.


Taren and Elyas, the sons of legendary heroes, yearn for more than their simple life: for Taren, to follow in the footsteps of the parents he’s never known and discover magic and adventure; for Elyas, to escape the shadow of his father Wyat, the mighty warrior, and find his destiny as a soldier in the king’s army.


When war, driven by the fiend Nesnys’s thirst for revenge, unexpectedly engulfs the kingdom, Taren and Elyas are forced onto the path of adventure under circumstances they never envisioned. Their fates encompass great challenges and hardships as the gods once again seek to manipulate their pawns and influence events that will affect the entire multiverse.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Scions of Nexus Map

Here's a high-res version of the map for Scions of Nexus (click to enlarge):