Tuesday, April 17, 2018

An all new adventure in the Nexus multiverse!

I am pleased to announce Scions of Nexus is NOW AVAILABLE in the Amazon Kindle store and free to read with Kindle Unlimited! Find it HERE.

Many thanks to my artist Leo Borazio for the amazing cover art!


Twenty years have passed since the Battle of Nexus. Although the forces of good prevailed, evil never rests, and bitter hatred spurs an overwhelming desire to destroy the Lady of Twilight and wrest Nexus from her control at all costs.


Taren and Elyas, the sons of legendary heroes, yearn for more than their simple life: for Taren, to follow in the footsteps of the parents he’s never known and discover magic and adventure; for Elyas, to escape the shadow of his father Wyat, the mighty warrior, and find his destiny as a soldier in the king’s army.


When war, driven by the fiend Nesnys’s thirst for revenge, unexpectedly engulfs the kingdom, Taren and Elyas are forced onto the path of adventure under circumstances they never envisioned. Their fates encompass great challenges and hardships as the gods once again seek to manipulate their pawns and influence events that will affect the entire multiverse.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Scions of Nexus Map

Here's a high-res version of the map for Scions of Nexus (click to enlarge):

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Update Nov. '17

Wow, it's hard to believe November is already here!  The holiday shopping season is cranking up into full gear and soon it will be Christmas and New Year's - yikes.  I wanted to break the recent silence on here and provide an update on my latest work.  I'm currently working on Scions of Nexus, the follow-up series to Nexus of the Planes.  It takes place 20ish years after the first series and some new faces will take up the fight against the bad guys.  I've got a draft of book one out to beta readers now and book two is coming along fairly well.  Based on feedback I'll adjust fire as necessary and if all goes well, hope to have the first book coming your way in early spring.  I also have a few short stories/novellas in various stages of completion, with more begging to be written, all of which will likely show up at some point in the future as another volume or two of Nexus Tales.

I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who's enjoyed the journey thus far and say thank you for your support and reviews and word of mouth.  You guys rock!  Hope everyone has a great rest of 2017!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Journey Deeper into the Planes with Nexus Tales

Journey deeper into the planes with this collection of short fiction featuring earlier adventures of the heroes of the Nexus of the Planes trilogy, along with an introduction to Dakarai Creel, a major new character from the upcoming successor series to Nexus of the Planes.

Nera and Arron get more than they bargained for when they journey to a rain-soaked plane and attempt to steal a magical dagger from a mage. Their mission seems simple enough, but their luck runs out when they are captured and sent to the gallows.

Waresh Hammerhelm leads an expedition to retake Torval’s Hold, a fabled stronghold that fell under mysterious circumstances centuries earlier, in a bid to discover a truth buried in the past and win the respect of his father, the king.

Nera, Arron, and Wyat’s search for the cause of the slaughter of a village leads them to an isolated monastery where they learn of an ancient curse unleashed. Time is running out to prevent the evil from spreading.

Dakarai Creel is a monster hunter, a fugitive of Nexus, and a lone traveler who wanders the realms and pits his sword and wits against the evil creatures the law has no means or interest in dealing with. He takes on a contract to find some missing villagers who are disappearing one by one, but how can he fight a malevolent killer who hides in plain sight and leaves no trace?

More of the past and motivations of the two retrieval officers, Haskell and Vhijera, are revealed in two intertwining tales of high adventure.

Now available on Amazon. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Heroic Adventure Concludes!

Dawnbringer, Book 3 of Nexus of the Planes is now available at your favorite retailer!

 Find it here: Amazon. Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!






Nera and Malek are reunited and have escaped from the Gray Lands after defeating the evil that destroyed that world. Fresh off their victory, the pair now turns their attention to saving Nexus. Nera’s path has become clear—she has been chosen by the goddess Sabyl to find a way to restore the Machine of Nexus to working order and end the violence in the city. Unfortunately, the path she and Malek are destined to walk is a dark one, and should they survive, they will be changed forever.

For they must gather together a stalwart party to venture into the depths of the Abyss and locate the mysterious Engineer of legend—who claims to be Nera’s father and is the only one capable of repairing the Machine. The powers of the Abyss will stand in their way while demon hordes mobilize to attack Nexus and spread slaughter and destruction across the entire multiverse.

Dawnbringer is the thrilling conclusion of Nexus of the Planes, an epic fantasy series from the author of Extensis Vitae.



Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Quest Continues

Doors of the Dark, Book 2 of Nexus of the Planes is now available at your favorite retailer!

 Find it here: Amazon. Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!



The great Machine of Nexus has fallen silent, the foundry destroyed. The city is isolated—cut off from all other planes—with neither escape nor any way to gain entry into Nexus. Food, water, and even air are becoming scarce commodities. Chaos and violence fill the streets.

Nera is now a wanted fugitive who has lost much in the events leading up to the chaos. She must find a way to escape Nexus and find Malek, if he yet lives. Her search will take her to the sinister Gray Lands, a world dead of all magic and life and sealed off from the rest of the planes, centuries before.

Friends are in short supply as she has already been betrayed once before and no longer knows who can be trusted. To make matters worse, a priestess and paladin of Sol approach Nera, trying to convince her she may hold the key to Nexus’s salvation.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Now Available!

“Most on this world know nothing of such a dark place...”

Nera, a plane-cursed thief, lives in Nexus, a city forever cast in twilight, constructed around a great Machine built by immortals to align all the planes together. Nera grew up an orphan on the streets, scorned and mistrusted for her fiendish heritage, and was sentenced to ninety-nine years of slave labor in the great foundry for a petty crime. She would like nothing better than find a way to somehow reduce her onerous sentence or remove altogether the cursed collar clamped around her neck.

Malek is a young apprentice mage with a bizarre and dangerous power that he struggles to control. After his teacher is kidnapped by a strange group of soldiers, he tracks the group to Nexus, seeking to rescue his master.

Their fates will be forever intertwined as they are swept up in events beyond their control. A fragile truce holds in Nexus, maintaining a balance where neither good nor evil can gain the upper hand. Yet all is not well in Nexus, for in the darkness festers the wicked ambitions of those who seek to swing the balance of power forever in their favor.

I am happy to announce that The Twilight City, Book 1 in my epic fantasy series Nexus of the Planes, is now available! Find it here: Amazon. Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

I also posted an excerpt from the book HERE.