Saturday, April 27, 2013

Obsolescence is now available!

My new short story Obsolescence is now on sale at Amazon!

CorpSec officer James Mason enjoys his work for Thorne Industries. He routinely gets to kick in doors, round up dangerous criminals and terrorists, and eliminate the dregs of society. Plus, he has access to all the latest toys: weapons and equipment he could have only dreamed about in his previous job as a District cop.

Surrounded by genetically enhanced clones and augmented grunts, he wonders if he still has what it takes to keep up in a unit full of men and women who are stronger, faster, and more obedient. When his former colleagues suddenly start to get transferred, replaced, and even turn up dead under suspicious circumstances, he wonders if he will be next. With the impending doom of the approaching Cataclysm, will he be able to protect his family and stay alive?

Obsolescence is a 13,000 word short story set in the world of Extensis Vitae.