Sunday, March 1, 2020

Update Mar. '20

Hey there, hope everyone is having a good 2020 so far!  I realized I haven't posted an update for a while, so thought now would be a good time to do so.

For those Extensis Vitae fans out there, I've got something in the works you might like: a new sci-fi novel, along with an accompanying novella!  The book will be what I like to call a Xenopunk adventure - think cyberpunk with alien hybrids running around who have more or less integrated into future society.  I'm hoping to get the pair published in Q4 of this year.  The novella, being a prequel, could come out a bit sooner, though I'll have to see how everything turns out.

But first, Nexus Tales: Rogues & Vagabonds will be arriving very soon, as in hopefully by the end of this very month!  The second volume in Nexus Tales features familiar faces from the Nexus of the Planes and Scions of Nexus trilogies.

This is probably overdue as well, but I thought I would post the recommended reading order for all things Nexus, since both volumes of Tales do contain spoilers.

The Twilight City

Doors of the Dark

Nexus Tales (optional - can also be read after Scions trilogy)

Scions of Nexus
The Way of Pain
Trial of the Thaumaturge

Nexus Tales: Rogues & Vagabonds

That's about all for now - stay tuned for updates.