Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Beat the COVID blues - social distance yourself by embarking on all new adventures!


I am happy to announce that Nexus Tales: Rogues & Vagabonds is now available!  Find it here on Amazon.  Kindle Unlimited members read for FREE!



Set forth on all-new adventures featuring characters from the Scions of Nexus and Nexus of the Planes trilogies in this exciting collection of fantasy short fiction.

Ferret has vowed to become a bard and faithfully tell tales of the true heroes of the War of Ketania. She has also sworn off adventuring for good. But when the mentor Ferret seeks to apprentice with abruptly disappears, she discovers adventure isn’t done with her after all.

After Dakarai Creel thwarts an assassination attempt on a noblewoman who has fallen on hard times, he finds himself drawn into a deadly contest with an immortal tyrant that will end with only one of them walking away.

When a boy disappears from a local farm, it’s up to the locals to muster a search party. Taren and Elyas join Wyat and Arron on the hunt to track down a monster with a taste for human flesh.

A mysterious name on a dying man’s lips sets in motion events that send a young acolyte to the temple of Ellorya in search of help. A contingent of Sol’s faithful must answer the call and battle an ancient evil lurking in the darkest reaches of a dying world.

Aninyel, a newly minted King’s Blade, is called upon to investigate the killing of a family living deep in the remote forest. She must battle both the weight of expectations and an annoying stirring in her heart as she sets off with a conniving rogue to confront an ancient and deadly foe.

Following the conclusion of the War, Taren sets off with a heavy heart to lay to rest the remains of the dearly departed, hoping to find some inner peace along the way.