Saturday, November 14, 2020

It's Payback Time!


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Previous post:
Hey there, everybody. I hope this crappy 2020 isn't treating you all too badly. Good news is that it's almost over with! Anyhoo, I wanted to provide a Sneak Peak of Payback, the prequel novella to my upcoming xenopunk book, Disposable Heroes. Payback is a lean, mean bit of cyberpunk nastiness that will be released in early December, with Disposable Heroes following a few weeks after. The two can be read in either order; it's not necessary to read Payback first to enjoy the novel. Kudos to AgusSW for the badass cover art!!
Here's the synopsis:
When bad intel causes a mercenary operation to end in disaster, Nanami’s entire crew gets burned. She considers herself lucky to end up in a clinic after losing only an eye. Once discharged, she discovers that, in addition to her crew dying, her lover, who escaped the initial slaughter, has ended up equally deceased—murdered in her apartment under mysterious circumstances.

Nanami vows to track down those responsible. Upon learning the deaths were orchestrated by sinister figures from her own past, she is left with only one choice: kill those responsible before they catch up with her and try to return the favor.

And lo and behold I've even updated my Extras page with said Sneak Peek (I know it's been FOREVER since new stuff appeared in there). Head on over HERE to check it out - I hope you enjoy!